Founded in 2009, The OTTO Empire was named after a dog. A very special dog.
Otto’s Empire was the love he spread wherever he went. An intuitive and gentle soul, Otto loved everything. He loved running along the beach and going into the office and an edit suite and even being on set, but most of all he loved his human. And roast chicken. Otto loved roast chicken.
So in this next stage of OTTO’s life, the company has evolved. Further committed to focusing on a love of story telling, love of people, love of the planet, love of creating. Of doing something you love, every day, with people you love.
Today, and every day, OTTO craft and create, with love.
With networks that stretch globally, OTTO proudly supports a collective of local and international artists, technicians, idearators and craftspeople both within Australia, and from around the world.

OTTO also works directly with Brands or Agencies or co-produces with international production partners to deliver creative solutions and effective results. And always, with love.

Meet Dougal

Dougal is Otto’s little brother, and creates fresh, engaging and innovative content across multiple platforms for the ever evolving media landscape.

Dougal is your go-to content expert for digital and social media, creating end to end creative solutions for brands wanting to engage with their audiences at a deeper level. 

Dougal delivers maximum impact with nimble resources.


Jo de Fina

Executive Producer/Founder