Released on International Women’s Day 2018, 50 Shades of No is an education and awareness campaign around the grey area of consent.

We asked women around the world to share moments where their lack of consent was overlooked or ignored by the other party. 50 real women gave us 50 verbal or physical cues they used to try to stop or slow a sexual encounter. We then printed these cues on t-shirts in 50 shades of grey. On International Women’s Day 50 influencers committed to wear and share a t-shirt on their social channels, spreading the message to millions. All 50 shirts were also featured in a film depicting a series of scenarios where women did not give consent to participate in a sexual encounter. An ecommerce site was launched where the t-shirts are available to purchase, raising funds for Project Consent. We are now in discussions with other countries to begin their own awareness campaigns around 50 Shades of No, and developing education programs to take into schools and universities; starting a conversation and awareness around the grey areas of consent.