Waiting is an inappropriate comedy series about the daily life at a remote truck stop diner in country Victoria. It’s about a wide-eyed local hero called Tim, who having been abandoned on the side of the highway at only 6 months old, knows every single inch of that linoleum wonderland. He’s joined by his adoptive Samoan Dad, Patsy, head cook and master of the microwave, Caroline, and local Wemba Wemba man, resident crooner and overall heartthrob, Archie. Each stand alone episode welcomes a new table of diners, along with a satirical look at modern day Australia. Throughout the course of a week, a bus load of tourists seek refuge in the kitchen, Tim will choreograph a gay wedding flashmob, land rights will be bargained, robberies bungled, salt shakers will double as dildos and a biochemical outbreak will threaten to destroy the entire planet.

Combining the outback charm of films such as Red Dog and the vulnerability and messiness of Please Like Me, Waiting is a comedy that beats with a big perverted heart and highlights how even in the middle of nowhere, you can still have absolutely everything.