Feature Documentary

Why be normal when you can be SuperNormal?

When she was a child, Tea imagined there might be a “switch over day”—when all the boys would become girls and vice versa. She waited and waited but the day never came. Instead, Uglow grew into a tall, handsome, rugby playing man. Burying the feeling she was different, Tea fell in love, had two kids and became a wildly successful creative director at Google.

But the internal pressure kept building until a brain aneurysm made her face what she’d known all along—this carefully created facade was never going to be her normal. This wasn’t her journey.

Super Normal is the story of one person’s internal dialogue about what constitutes ‘normal’ and how to break society’s restrictive definitions of it; how we can stare down our deepest fears to overcome the invisible, structural, sometimes superficial and often very damaging conventions of 20th century life to embrace the doubt and difference inside in us all.

Currently in development with support from Film Victoria and Screen Australia