VR documentary short ‘Jafri’ is an intimate portrait of Jafri Katagar, Melbourne’s one-man anti-racism street campaigner. Since coming to Australia as a refugee and becoming an Australian citizen, Jafri has been vigilant in his fight against discrimination and intolerance. Jafri spends his Friday afternoons standing in the middle of the busiest intersection in Melbourne’s CBD, silently challenging the beliefs of passers-by with his simple sign: STOP RACISM NOW.

Directed by Michael Beets, the documentary explores the tender and complex man behind the signs, as he guides viewers through his daily life and the intimate moments that shape him. ‘Jafri’ premiered at the Melbourne International Film Festival as part of their new Virtual Reality program and had its North American debut at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). It has screened at Cannes Film Festival presented by Byron Bay Film Festival and Collective Reality, was chosen as part of the Kaleidoscope VR showcase and has now been officially released on the Jaunt platform.