6 x 25 min dark comedy

What do you do when your house guest IS a fish. And it doesn’t look like he’s leaving anytime soon?

“I loved living in the ocean. I really did. But it’s not nice down there anymore. It’s filthy. And it’s all your fault. So here I am……. ”

Sick of being unable to see through the murky, soupy warm oceans of plastics he swims through, watching his mates suffocate and die with bellies full of plastic bags, little plastic figurines, microplastics and water bottles, Fishman decides he has no option but to flee his dying home. Wading through effluent pesticides and industrial waste has lost its charm. Actually, it was never charming to start with. A refugee, he walks out of the ocean, and onto the dry land of Terra Australis, or more accurately, Altona, Victoria.

Walking amongst us, Fishman finds himself living in the ‘burbs, where he lodges with unsuspecting solo parent Sarah and her 8 year old daughter Dorothy.

Fishman is just a guy. But he’s different. He’s a fish.

Each episode follows the challenges, trials, and tribulations Fishman faces as he walks amongst us.

Created by Jo de Fina and written by Jo, Tony Rogers and Madeleine Dyer, Fishman is a subtle statement on the environment and how we treat refugees, all packaged up in a fantastical, very odd, and yet perfectly normal story of a guy/fish living in the suburbs of Melbourne.

Currently in development