Justin Reardon

Starting out in advertising with the hope of learning about filmmaking, Justin’s career climbed to unimaginable heights when he hit on a string of popular campaigns, the biggest one being the iconic Budweiser “Whassup?!” campaign, which won the Cannes Grand Prix and later securing him a place in the CLIO HALL OF FAME. Soon after, Justin tapped into his hometown roots by creating Budweiser’s Emmy-nominated, Jersey Guys’ “Ayadoin’?” campaign.

In only 3 years, Justin had amassed every creative award in the industry, both in the U.S. and Internationally. In 2001, at the height of his career, Justin abruptly left “agency life” and moved to Los Angeles to pursue his dream of being a film director.

In 2003, he broke onto the scene when he wrote, directed and edited a SPEC REEL that became one of the internet’s first and biggest viral sensations, drawing over 22 million hits within the first 4 months with traffic that constantly crashed the production company’s website. This was before sharing sites like FACEBOOK or YOUTUBE even existed. Immediately, Justin’s work became an instant hit and his NUTRIGRAIN “Feel Great” attracted a cult like following world wide and could be found as the topic of many chat rooms and at the center of many fan parodies; like one made entirely from stop-motion Legos.

With a signature comedic storytelling style, blending bold performances and well defined characters with a sweeping visual style, Justin’s work continues to be recognisable, entertaining, and always a little obscure.